Tin Shed Food Pantry

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Making a Difference

About Us

Our Program

Tin Shed Food Pantry Food Bank

We are a food rescue program.  We receive donated food from a number of sources each week.  Through the help and efforts of our wonderful volunteers, we are able to sort, arrange and open the food pantry up to over 100 families each week free of charge.  We are open to patrons and serve a free delicious dinner from 4:30 - 6:30 every Wednesday inside Clear Creek Church in Wheat Ridge.  Come visit us!

Our Goal

Tin Shed Food Pantry Food Bank

Our mission is to help families in short term or long term crisis.  We accept all families regardless of income or residency.

Our History

Tin Shed Food Pantry Food Bank

 Founded in 2015, Tin Shed was born from the memories of a young girl raised by a single dad fondly remembering a small tin shed in her home town where people received food.
Many hours of unconditional love later, the 1st Tin Shed Pantry started.
Tin Shed continues to grow as many volunteers now pour in their unconditional love.
30 volunteers + 5 hours of hauling, lifting, sorting, and setting up 8000 lbs. of food = Well nourished families both in body and soul!!!