Tin Shed Food Pantry

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Special thanks

K-Love mile high heart award

Tin Shed Food Pantry / Bank 2019

We were nominated for the K-Love 'Mile High Hearts' campaign from a listener in February.  There were 400 nominees and we were picked for our display of a Mile High Heart!  

Shoe drive - a huge success!

Tin Shed Food Pantry / Bank 2019

We couldn't have done it without all of you who donated your gently used shoes to the cause!  A semi truck (yes, a semi) came to pick up all 68 bags of shoes that were collected!  1,500 shoes were donated which helped us raise $1,500 for our building fund.  The shoes went to 3 different wonderful organizations. Thanks everyone!

edata source Volunteer group on March 6th

Tin Shed Food Pantry / Bank 2019

Special thanks to the 8 company volunteers at eData Source who came out on March 6th 2019 to give their time, energy and love to Tin Shed Pantry!

Meadow Estates' contributions

Tin Shed Food Pantry / Bank

Thanks Meadow Estates for helping us with our shoe drive!!!!

Back to school donation drive


 Thanks to the help of donations, we were able to supply 30 children with back to school supplies and clothes for the 2019 school year! Donations always welcome to continue to make differences in people’s lives in our community!